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Despite building carFactory I'm afraid I have no academic or professional qualifications in any engineering discipline.  I did, however, grow up surrounded by parts of my parents' vintage cars and motorbikes and can remember, at an age when most children would be playing lego, being sat cross-legged on the floor of the garage sorting a tin of nuts, bolts and washers into metric, BSF, ASF and Whitworth.  For a while in my late teens I worked as a motor mechanic for Terry Hoyle Limited in Maldon, Essex, who at that time restored Ferraris and built race car engines.  I have never worked in more beautiful surroundings since then, nor have I achieved much as rewarding as helping to rebuild a 275 GTB/4 engine.  Perhaps art historians feel the same way about the paintings they restore? 

I got to ride in some fairly interesting machinery (MG 6R4, part of a batch Terry Hoyle made road legal, and various Ferraris), though unfortunately as a teenager the closest I got to driving was blipping the throttle of a Koenig 512 Boxer on a four-post lift, while somebody below listened to the butterflies chattering on overrun.

I.T. offered a more lucrative future and that was the end of my professional career, such as it was, in motorsport.  A career in I.T. means I am better than most at creating bugs in software.  Combined with a non-existent academic background in engineering means carFactory is built on the two shakiest foundations of any software product known to man.  Despite this it seems to work quite well.


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